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Seminar: 3-Item-Check

General Managers, Managers with employees


all industries


Elaborate a simple and effective control method for any manager who is responsible for employees.

The seminar includes an introduction about the fundamentals of control and checking.


1/2 day

Agenda of the

Understand basic thoughts about motivation. Understand relevant organizational subjects.

Presentation of the “3-Item Check” Theory and Essentials.

Case Studies and Examples.


Today we observe rising complexity everywhere which makes management more and more difficult. One of the main solutions is an organizational one: delegation, decentralization, responsibility, trust and autonomy to departments and employees. This needs control. The 3-Item-Check is an appropriate control method. In many cases controls by managers are considered to be negative. Employees experience controls as a mistake searching method and demotivating. Also many managers do not enjoy controls and thus they avoid doing an important part of their job. On the other hand controls are unevitable for a good development of any company, any project and the personal performances of employees. Whereever something is being delegated, there has to be control. Without this control managers are not meeting their responsibilities.

Controls must never be done in order to find mistakes. That is not the primary intention. Controls show that managers are interested in the work of their employees. Controls show that the managers want their employees to be successful. „Nothing succeeds more than success“ (Peters/Waterman: In Search of Excellence). Employees have a right to be controlled. That is how they can show how good they are.

The 3-Item-Check is an efficient method of control in order to accompany successful performances, adjust directions and avoid large mistakes. This method does not review the results (successes and mistakes) afterwards like an audit. It works like a navigation system while moving forward and allows correction. The method can be learned in a very short period of time and used right away.


A construction company introduced the 3-Item-Check. Every manager now checks three topics with each of his employees on a monthly basis. The number of items checked permanently in this company has led to great stability and better results. Employees noticed that their managers pay more attention to them and even small successes are noticed. The number of mistakes has been reduced only by focusing on successful behavious, stressing positive habits.


EUR 950,00 plus VAT per participant.


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Seminar: General Evaluation
Audience: General Managers, Managers with employees
Industry: General
Applications: Per seminar only one company with basically any number of managers.

Implementation of a standard control plan (General Evaluation) for the most important and usually customer related parts of the company. This General Evaluation will be developed during the seminar and can be applied immediately afterwards.

The seminar includes a basic introduction into the general topic of controls and checks.


1/2 day

Agenda of the Day:

Everyone of us is a customer many times a day: as a visitor of a concert, in a restaurant, when renting a car, as passenger of an airline, in a hotel or as a patient in a hospital. Often we observe that processes and services do not work well or that they are not efficient. Sometimes we do not get any attention, in other cases technical equipment is in a bad condition, the waiting time for a certain service is very long or a product from the assortment is not available.

The General Evaluation was developed by the Hard Discount company ALDI, based on the Bad Harzburg Model of Leadership. With this control plan all stores were evaluated by Sales Managers, General Managers and others based on standard criteria from the view of the customers (would the customer agree that this store is well managed?).

The General Evaluation changes the view of the Manager from inside to outside as if the Manager would be a customer. Possible internal views are being ignored.

The seminar starts with an introduction of core thoughts and lessons about motivation as well as an explanation of relevant organizational topics.


For a hotel group a standard plan of evaluation for all hotels of this group was developed. The General Managers of each of the hotels checks based on defined plans if each department (reception, restaurant, bar, each floor with rooms, Spa) is being well managed from the customer´s point of view.

A chain of cinemas implemented a general control plan to evaulate each cinema according to standard criteria when management visited each branch.

A large construction company builds houses for families across Germany. Using the General Evaluation each construction site is being visited and evaluated based on the same method in order to check the results and progress of the workers and responsible employees including, in this case safety regulations and legal issues.

Price: EUR 4.950,00 plus VAT per company*

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  * This seminar is dedicated to individual companies but in principle without limit of participants.