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Aldi wins again “Global Simplicity Index”

Artikel vom 01.02.2017

Researchers of Siegel & Gale asked 14,000 consumers in nine countries which would be their favorite company to shop at because of simplicity.

For the fourth consecutive time ALDI has won the “Global Brand Simplicity Index”. LIDL follows already on place 4.

Simple companies are by far more profitable and are being much more often recommended to friends according to Siegel & Gale.

This shows that orientation, clarity and concentration on the essentials is important for customers. ALDI convinces by its clear assortment and transparent every-day-low-prices approach.  Customers are not being confused by complicated discounts or loyalty programs. Customers are loyal because there are no loyalty programs.

ALDI and LIDL are not dominated by Marketing departments and their silly sales promotion activities. Their assortments are not designed by the purchasing departments. The excessive assortments and surplus offerings of traditional supermarkets often make it more than difficult to find the most basic products while the discounters allow an efficient purchase experience.

Customers want companies who simplify their lives and not make things even more complicated according to Siegel & Gale. “Simplicity is definitely not easy but it does pay.”