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Concentration and Working in Focus Areas

Artikel vom 24.10.2014

The german army has well organized kindergardens but only half of their jets and helicopters can fly and be used as intended. Apparently here checks are not being done, responsibility and targets are not well set.

Peter Drucker once said: one target is enough, two targets are too many.


„Concentration is the key to economic results. No other principles of effectiveness is violated as constantly today as the basic principle of concentration.“

The Defense Minister even had to admit that no plane is in a condition to bring back anybody who had been helping in the african ebola countries after getting infected.

Nato countries are not well prepared to fulfill their missions. Things do not work as planned. Functionality is restricted.

An organisational methold to ensure functionality and to fulfill all these complex tasks has been invented by the german hard discount retailer ALDI. The english translation would be „working in focus areas“. This means that certain decentral entities (in the case of Aldi: regional companies) have additional tasks to take care of. One regional company has the additional responsibility for trucks, another one takes care of refrigerators and a third one could focus on POS systems for the checkouts of the stores. In each case, the regional company is in charge of selection, testing and negotiation of these subjects. For the whole company. Instead of a central department. Everything decentral, with full resonsibility. In addition to the daily and  standard objectives.

Also Nato could do this. Every member country could focus on one dedicated area. This would lead to real experts for every task. Germany could be the country to focus on medical topics, France could be in charge of logistics, the USA would probably chose espionage and so on. All other countries would follow the recommendations of the expert country, for example when procuring equipment.

Only concentration will lead to good functionality reliability and efficiency. Those who want everything will get nothing.