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Marissa Mayer: a little bit of Google at Yahoo Inc.

Artikel vom 30.01.2013

A long time before Google and Facbook started dominating the Internet, there was a company called Yahoo. In Mid 2012 Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo coming from Google. At Google she was responsible for what we find is the most simple homepage of the world. Basically there is nothing on it. Only what you actually need when you are searching for something. Reduced to what is necessary. No “nice-to-have”. And you could do so much more! Customers could potentially need this and that. That exactly was not done. Thanks to Marissa Mayer there was concentration. No temptation. only what is essential. She said (following a quote by Linda Tischler, The Beauty of Simplicity):

„It gives you what you wish, when (or because) you wish it. In contrast to all what you can possibly wish even if you don´t.”

Now, Marissa Mayer is starting to be successful at Yahoo. After 4 years without growth, Yahoo closed its first quarter with better numbers. Marissa Mayer knows how important is concentration, reduction to the essential.