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BMW understands Simplicity: The new Model 3 will have 80 % less Options

Article published on 2018-07-05

The second step of our „3-Step-to-Simplicity“ Method is about reduction of complexity by reducing the number of options. A typical car manufacturer has lots of such options. When ordering a car many features need to be defined: pages filled with interior details have to be selected as well as several exterior options like colors, tires and so on. All of these need to be developed, tested, negotiated, ordered, planned, certified, stored. Many are kept available for years after the model has already been withdrawn from the market.

ALDI Trying to Compete Desperately

Article published on 2018-04-06

A Hard Discounter does not need to offer everything

Impossible but true: ALDI without profits

Article published on 2018-04-03

In the past, ALDI was a role model with its disruptive business model and its consistent and disciplined management. This led to the highest profits amongst grocery retailers. Today, ALDI is becoming a role model for leaving its convincing and proven business model behind and consequently generating losses. 

The German business journal „manager magazin“ reports in its newest edition (4/2018) how pretax profits of ALDI South in Germany have dropped from 3,6 % in 2016  to 1,7 % only in 2017. In December, profits even turned into a loss of -2,87 %. For 2018, the management of ALDI South expects to follow the same trend. 

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